Mr. Mustang

The show is tomorrow. It was supposed to be in January, but it was moved due to snow. That was a little annoying because I lowkey want it to be over with. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s more I’m ready to perform. I’m an actor at heart, so I always feel […]

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Eat Fresh

I love me some Subway. I mean it. Some people don’t like Subway. I never understood that… Sure the whole Jared thing in the early 2000s was bad, but that doesn’t mean the food is. Subway is a healthier alternative than say McDonald’s or Kane’s. Does anyone remember Quizno’s? It was a lot like Subway. […]

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Sage Shower Thoughts

Have you ever noticed your most mind-blowing ideas and realizations have come from standing under steamy beads of water in the tub? I’ve found that of my usual 15-minute shower, 5-10 of the minutes are reserved to pondering the cosmos. I think about things that happened so far that day, sing whatever song is in […]

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Masked Emotions

Depression is an entity I’ve had in me since as long as I can remember. It’s the sponge that soaks up my happiness and weighs me down with sadness. My emotional state is one I often shroud with a mask. It’s an old, weathered mask. A couple cracks reach out like hands around eyes. A […]

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